Annual meeting of the Board of Directors To Recent News

Posted 11/14/23
Georg Supp

The BoD of IMDTRF in November 2023
Yvonne Lindbäck, Betty Sindelar, Georg Supp, Janet Simon, Aileen Cuenca, Emily Slaven, Slavko Rogan

The Board of Directors of IMDTRF met in Frankfurt / Germany for its annual meeting at November 13th and 14th.
Great discussions and efficient work!
This was the first meeting for our new chair Emily Slaven and our new members at large Janet Simon and Slavko Rogan.
Welcome to the team!
Time to say goodbye for Betty Sindelar. Betty had been one of th founding members in 2004.
She has been the chair of the foundation since 2009. What a great pleasure and gift to work with you, Betty!