Our Mission

Mission Statement

To fund original research worldwide that contributes to the body of evidence related to MDT such as its usefulness and limitations.

Rev. 12/2018

Vision Statement

It is the intent of this Foundation to:

  1. Become a recognized world leader in supporting musculoskeletal research.

  2. Attain self-sustaining monies to support multiple research projects spanning the full spectrum from case studies to multi-center trials that contribute to the mission statement.

  3. Develop a diverse fund-raising base to support the mission of the Foundation.

Rev. 12/2018

5 Year Plan

By the end of 5 years, the Foundation strives to achieve the following:

  1. Increase financial holdings to a total of $550,000 US

  2. Increase fund-raising income to $50,000 US per year

  3. Increase yearly project funding to $50,000US

  4. Increase the number of applications to 10 per year by increasing awareness of the IMDTRF funding mechanisms.

Rev. 12/2018