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Posted 2/22/24

IMDTRF Grant Research Awards: Up to $50,000 USD

Call for research:

The International MDT Research Foundation (IMDTRF) is calling for quality research applications examining the benefits and limitations of the MDT system as it relates to rehabilitation. MDT or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is an assessment and classification system for musculoskeletal problems that targets treatment recommendations. The system was created by Robin McKenzie (1931 – 2013), a New Zealand physiotherapist. In MDT, patient active self-care and empowerment are essential to the management interventions used. Further information on MDT can be found at the website of McKenzie Institute International


The IMDTRF Board of Directors is sending this notification out to make researchers aware of this opportunity.
To date we have invested over US $280,000 in research projects.
We have funded 40% of the applications submitted.

Grant application timelines:

Step 1: Research screening: The PI must submit a Letter of Intent to [email protected] by April 1st

2024. Please refer to the Primary Grant Program Details to include all required sections of the

Letter of Intent outlined on IMDTRF’s website After review by the IMDTRF Board of Directors, the PI will receive notification of a decision to accept or reject by May 1st.

Step 2. Research application: If the project is accepted, the PI would subsequently complete and submit the Primary Grant Research Application by July 1st found on the Foundation’s website:

Step 3: Funding decision: All research applications will undergo a rigorous peer review process. The PI will be notified of IMDTRF final funding decision in December 2024.

To learn more about IMDTRF grant opportunities and required criteria to submit a grant application, please review the grant Program Details found on our website.