The Robin McKenzie Continuation Grant

Program Announcement


The Foundation has established a Continuation Grant Program to assist investigators requiring a small amount of funding (less than or equal to $5000.00 US) in order to complete a project or facilitate publication. Funds will only be considered for projects that are either completed or near completion.


Any PI who requires funds to either facilitate (1) the submission of a manuscript from an original research project that is near completion or already completed, (2) a manuscript which has been returned to the PI by the editor requesting revisions, (3) the completion of an original research project, or (4) an additional analysis of an already completed project. The use of a consultant or statistician is an appropriate request for these funds. The study must further research into the usefulness and/or limitations of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). Prior funding is not required to apply for this mechanism. IMDTRF will not reimburse for money already spent prior to funding decision by the Board.


Awards between $500 and $5,000 USD may be requested annually based on the merits of the proposal supporting IMDTRF’s mission statement. Applications may be submitted for consideration any time throughout the year. There is no limitation on the number of applications per PI for this mechanism.

See the instructions below for details on how to apply.
Determination of funding is at the discretion of the Board of Directors (BoD) of IMDTRF and will be based on the project’s purpose/aims and dissemination plan. All correspondence is with the PI. Grants are awarded for 1 year.

Grant Agreement

All applicants receiving monies from the continuation grant program are required to submit evidence of completion of their dissemination plan within 1 year after grant monies are awarded. In addition, it is expected that:

  • the successful proposal’s abstract will be published on our website

  • IMDTRF will be cited as a funding source in all publications and presentations resulting from the award

  • Completion of the dissemination plan will be acknowledged on our website such as citation reference(s)

If the PI fails to submit the evidence of the completed dissemination plan, the PI will return all funds distributed to him or her within 30 days after the 1 year grant period.


To apply, please complete the required application form found below and submit all required materials through this website. Only electronic submissions are accepted.

  • Appropriate continuation grant applications will receive expedited
    review by the Board of Directors.

  • The Board of Directors will inform the PI of their decision within
    30 days of receipt of application.

  • Applicants receiving funding must notify the Board of Directors of acceptance of funds within 14 days of receiving awarding notification.

  • At the end of 1 year post-funding a written report is due to the IMDTRF Board of Directors. The completed report should be electronically transmitted to [email protected].


The following items must be included in the application for this mechanism. Forms for these pages may be found here.

  • Cover page

  • Summary - maximum of three pages

    • work done to date on this project

    • relationship of this project to MDT

    • impact of thos project to the current knowledge base reason for request

    • dissemination plan for knowledge obtained from thos project such as a publication. Please indicate targeted journal

  • Budget and justification – include impact of funding on project

  • Disclosure and conflict of interest statement

  • Biosketch for the PI only

  • Proof of approval of project from IRB or appropriate ethical review board, if indicated. Attach letter at end of application

Forms for these pages may be found here:

 Download the Application form here


PIs submitting applications do so with the understanding that they will abide by the conditions, deadline policies, and decisions of the Board of Directors of IMDTRF. The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the amount of any award at its sole discretion. The Board of Directors makes no guarantee that requested grants will be awarded or that if your proposal is accepted that you will receive the total amount of funds requested

Contact Information

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the Board of Directors at the IMDTRF website [email protected].