The Pete Wilde Scholarship

Program Announcement

This funding mechanism was created to honor the memory of Pete Wilde, BHSc (physio), Dip MDT, a well-respected physiotherapist and graduate student whose passing was too soon. Pete was passionate about MDT and research. Therefore, the target audience for this scholarship is a person seeking diploma status in MDT

This scholarship will provide $2000 USD to be applied toward tuition expenses.

Applications will be accepted and reviewed annually. The application deadline is 17:00 Greenwich Mean Time on September 1st. Late submissions will be returned without review. Applicants will be notified of status after the annual fall meeting of the IMDTRF Board of Directors. Only one award will be made yearly.

Application process:

The Pete Wilde Scholarship will be selected by the IMDTRF Board of Directors based on the submitted information and its relationship to the mission of the Foundation. Please complete and submit all required sections of the application outlined below. All forms can be found below.

  1. Cover sheet

  2. PICO question related to MDT and subsequent literature search.** Please limit this section to 3 pages (12 point font).

  3. Letter indicating current enrollment in the MDT diploma program on MII letterhead

  4. Submit all materials to [email protected].

**A PICO model is a way to create a framework question to help answer a clinical question using peer-reviewed literature. It requires a level of understanding of the problem being investigated in order to create a well-built question that focuses on the most important issues related to the clinical problem. The question should include Patient/Population, Primary problem, Intervention, Comparison intervention, and Outcomes. Enough detail in each area should be included so that a reasonable literature search can be performed. The purpose of a PICO question is to create a searchable and answerable question to identify/find the best evidence to answer the question using databases such as PubMed.

For this application, you should submit your PICO question, a brief background related to the topics of your question, a brief discussion of how your question relates to MDT, and then an analysis of the literature search driven by your question.

A PICO question is NOT a research question used to drive independent research projects.

Review process: Applications will be reviewed by the IMDTRF Board of Directors at their annual fall meeting. Incomplete applications or ones that do not conform to the prescribed criteria will be rejected without review. Proposals will be ranked on the strengths of the PICO question, background, relevance to MDT, and the resulting literature search.

Download the Application form here